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I had the incredible opportunity to be META's 2022 Artist in residence for their Metaverse Culture series.

This series connects artists of different mediums with the proper support, tools, equity, and platforms to reimagine a world that highlights culture, identity, and creativity in the WEB3 space.

As the artist in residence, I worked closely with the talented team at META and NSpire for months to bring to life my VR world called

Nuevo Norte. My world ultimately celebrates my Puerto Rican experience while highlighting the different nuances found across different Latin cultures.


This project also sparked a conversation amongst a brain trust that consisted of different creators, activists, and influencers. Each one of us dug into what third culture (Tercera Cultura) meant and how it shapes our present day.

This project launched as META's first mixed reality activation during 2022 Art week at #METAHOUSE where attendees were encouraged to approach the 8x20FT mural and activate the characters via phone.

*All photos were taken by @nrg.visuals

Untitled_Artwork 6.png
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