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COVL is a Puerto Rican multidisciplinary artist and storyteller whose creations embody the captivating energy of the grassroots hustle and delicate artistry.


The Miami native’s forever-evolving work is rooted in her vibrant Latin culture and upbringing.

For years, she has passionately embraced the inner workings of overcoming mental health stigmas with the use of

color psychology and pure imagination.


Her range of work is often defined as broad and unconventional-true to her style since childhood.

COVL has always pushed the limits of expectations and normalcy while sharing the reasons it's more fun to live a boundless, authentic creative life.


COVL's body of work is reminiscent of a childlike playful spirit that her audience deems infectious and nostalgic.


Since 2013 and beyond, COVL has continued to create forward-thinking, art-centric narratives that speak deeply to a community of purveyors and creators.

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