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Never Have I Ever is my first ever series I got to partake in and hopefully not my last.
For the past four seasons, I've been able to tap into the storyline and create a world that reflects the complexities of loss, family, school dilemmas, friendship and boy friend drama.

It's been an honor to have any kind of roll as I thought a project like this would not have come my way any time soon. But it did and it's work that I'm really proud of. After three years, I was invited to season 4 premiere. My first time near a red carpet and the first time I really got to feel the energy from the audience.

I don't know how many times I wanted to cry because the universe I built alone in my studio was alive right in front of me. I don't remember talking much while we were there, I think I was really in shock but while I was in the bathroom I looked in the mirror and gave myself flowers. I've been working towards many goals for so long, I might be annoying because I'm relentless and always leaning towards thinking big.
Basically I'm talented as hell and no, it wasn't this project that solidified that but the work in itself did.
I recollected on the all the days, hours, weeks I sat in my studio ideating every season with excitement.

I will never forget this opportunity, I will come back to moments like this to remind me that I am capable, able and always ready to push the needle a little further.

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