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Last month Foot Locker reached out with an opportunity to redesign their logo that they would use all through out the month of March in celebration of Women's History Month!

Without hesitation I jumped on board to create a piece of artwork that would represent what I felt we needed more of in our community of sisterhood.

First when diving into the initial stages of this project, I would sketch shapes with no end or starting points because I wanted the design to feel infinite but complex enough where it would be difficult for anyone to spot where the artwork started and ended. After several attempts, I was able to nail a seamless flow that would take your eyes through a journey.

rough sketch by covl
Super duper rough sketch of idea

The journey I wanted to share has a narrative that is built upon inclusivity and seeing one another on the same playing field. That the woman next to you or behind you is no greater or less than, she is your equal. A narrative that speaks about compassion and respect for the women that have come before us, are here now and will one day come after us, for our sisters to lead with love and to uplift one another.

After a couple rounds of revisions, I ended with a piece that I'm so grateful for as throughout this project I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone so I could continue to share the narrative with you all.

To learn more about what Foot Locker has going on during Women's History Month, check out #WomensKickstoryMonth as they have a series of events and panels throughout the month of March!

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