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power moves

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Joe fresh Goods shirt, aldo accessories, zara denim, COVL

When I first drafted up my post to go live on Instagram, I was hesitant to even press the share button because instead of the caption having the usual humble, low-key approach it was much more boisterous and proud. Yet I quickly ignored the hesitation or the possibility of it offending someone else because I know I've eaten enough humble pie for me to have a moment or several of pure flexing.

For the past three years, I was what many would coin as a "one woman band" until later this year when the universe finally took likings to my hustle and decided it was time for me to expand ---and I'm proud of that. For many reasons, I am truly proud of my progress and the ability to share the growth and success with others and for many other reasons, I believe it's necessary to.

Creating in a digital space, I constantly find myself in the midst of a tug-o-war.

Usually it's between what I truly am versus to what I think I am not and that's something I'm NOT proud of yet willing to share because we're all a little guilty of it.

So lets call this post or this moment for what it is. This is me embracing what I truly am instead of dwelling in what I am not. True power moves.


Photography - Amy Paraskeva

Nails - Sarah Nguyen

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