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If someone would've told me that within my first year of living in New York I'd have a mural in Williamsburg, I'd laughed straight in their face. And to be honest, I still can't believe it happened yet I am so grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to leave my mark on a city that has done the same for me; if not more in such a short amount of time since moving here.

My inspiration behind the mural was to mesh two different worlds: the hustle and bustle of New York with a cool, trippy yet tropical demeanor of Miami. The mural aims to allow those who see it to tap into their most fond memories of Summer, entering a portal of vibrancy, fun but most importantly share my Trident Vibes experience with Brooklyn.

If you happen to be in the area, stop by to peep my mural and let me know what you think!

Corner of Graham and Metropolitan Ave in Williamsburg

Photos taken by P A R A

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