After my pops graveyard shift, he'd come walking thru the door wearing is super starched denim, a tucked in white crew tee and his pristine white Nike Air Monarchs. This years later is what I'd coin as my very first Nike memory and the start of a chapter of my life that would solidify my seat at the table.

When still asked about my my collaboration with Nike NYC, I always mention how it happened so fast, how without hesitation I accepted the opportunity and went to work! And still over a month later, it still feels incredibly surreal because who knew this Miami native with no educational background in design or prestige CV would be able to work with one of the most coveted sneaker/streetwear brands.

All that say, I'm beyond grateful and humbled to be given such an opportunity! In less than two days, my shirt sold out and I know without a doubt it wouldn't have been possible without my team, family, friends and those who have followed the journey since day one.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This is only the beginning.