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Last year the Miami Marlins unveiled a new look for 2019 and to celebrate, they commissioned eight Miami artist (one of them being me) to design and paint a mural that's inspired by our Miami history while incorporating their new team colors and logo.

For my mural, I wanted to pay homage to my upbringing on Pennsylvania Avenue which is a 10 to15 minute walk to the beach. As a kid I practically lived on the beach, whether I made friends and built sand castles or watched all the rollerbladers pass by in iridescent bikini's and listen to someone confidently belt out lyrics to all your favorite 90's bop.

That fun, vibrant, infectious Ocean drive energy is what I wanted to reflect back into my mural, ultimately bringing the history to Wynwood.

Thanks to Gino's help, we were able to complete the mural in three days yet faced a major challenge along the way. If you're familiar with buildings in Florida; specifically South Florida then you know they love using stucco on exterior walls. All in all, we learned to work around the texture and kept it moving!

So it goes without saying that if you're in Miami make sure to check out my mural, it'll be up for an entire year!

Location: Corner of 34th and North Miami Ave

Special thanks to Gino - @artbygino on instagram

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